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The Shama Group of Companies are the result of progressive growth in interests, which started with the opening of Shama Academy in 1993. Most of the companies originated from a felt need by Shama Academy to be self-sustaining in their requirements, and the importance of identifying with the community, as part of our social cooperate responsibility. Shama milk, for example, was established after the school found it necessary to sell excess milk from their dairy animals. Following consultations with farmers in the neighbourhood, we teamed up with them and formed the Shama Farmers Self Help Group. As the number of farmers and volumes of milk increased, Shama Milk was registered as an independent company.


A number of the companies, such as Shama Fish and Bacon Company, provide an opportunity for appropriate and sustainable utilization of the natural resources in the region to increase agricultural productivity, create wealth and reduce poverty, in a model of a public private partnership.


The Motto of Shama Group of Companies is "Investing in People". We strive to ensure that our businesses are people-oriented, mainly focusing on peri-urban and rural communities. The quality of all our products is guaranteed, and we are proud that our strategies are in line with good business practices..

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Another great performance in KCPE 2014! Lucy Wanjiku was Tops with 407 points!


Opening Day for Term One 2015 Shama Academy: 5th January for Boarders and 6th Jan for day scholars


Mid-term/Open Day - Shama Academy: Thursday 19th February


Closing Day - 2nd April 2015


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