Welcome to Shama Milk

Shama Milk is a product of Shama Academy, whose genesis was due to a felt need by the school to produce its own milk. The school started selling milk in 2001 when the amount produced by their cows at the school exceeded that consumed by staff and students. The excess milk was initially sold to a local cooperative society, and later to a milk trader in Nyeri town. With time the school opened its own milk bar, at which the milk was sold. The returns on sales were so encouraging that not only did the school increase production, it started buying milk from other farmers in the neighborhood and selling it at the milk bar. This led to the establishment of Shama Milk.

What we are doing with farmers
Shama Milk facilitated the formation of the Shama Farmers Self Help Group, comprising of dairy farmers who deliver their milk to us. The group developed a constitution and was registered by the government in 2004. It now has a membership of more than 3000 farmers who deliver more than 7000 litres of milk per day. Shama Milk supplies our farmers with cereals, animal feeds and farm inputs on credit, and deducts from their deliveries. Other benefits include veterinary and AI services, educational trips and field days.

Since 2009, Shama Milk has installed cooling tanks at 12 milk collection centres, enabling farmers to deliver milk at any time of the day, and guaranteeing sale of quality milk. We are also investing in a milk processing plant, which will be operational very soon.


Shama Milk is also working with the group on an investment programme that is enabling members to purchase land and invest in real estate.

Latest News
Another great performance in KCPE 2014! Lucy Wanjiku was Tops with 407 points!


Opening Day for Term Two 2015 Shama Academy: 4th May for Boarders and 5th May for day scholars


Mid-term/Open Day - Shama Academy: Friday 5th June

Boarders resume on Tuesday 9th June, 2015 by 4.00pm

Day Scholars resume on Wednesday 10th June, 2015


Closing Day - Term 2 2015

Up to Std 7 - 30th July

Std 8 - 7th August


 27th June 2015

Opening Day Term 3 2015


1st September 2015


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